Can anyone sign up?

Commercial Accounts are available for companies of any size.

How much does membership cost?

There is no cost to become a member at anytime.

How do I become a member?

Complete your membership application (available here) …link…..or stop in. We’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

How do we fill up?

Once your membership is approved, you will have fuel cards to be used at our cardlock. Those cards can be assigned to vehicles, employees, or even by products. The choice is yours. Those cards will be swiped, with their own unique pin.

How do we pay the bill?

At the end of your billing cycle, your statement will be available electronically, and by email. You may pay in person, by mail, in person, or online, by ACH or credit card. 3% transaction fee applies to credit card payments

What if we have business on other islands also?

We will be happy to establish additional accounts with each corresponding sister company throughout the state to streamline your business processes.

Should we come pick up what we need, or do you deliver?

Give us a call today! Let’s discuss what makes the most sense, and see how we can serve you best.

What if we need tanks and storage or other equipment?

We work with the best suppliers in the business. We can source your specialty grease or equipment from the mainland and beyond.


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